Friday, 22 January 2010

Young Victoria

Today we saw Westminster Abby. Many of England's kings and queens are buried at Westminster Abby, so it was really cool to see all of it. Once again, the architecture was so beautiful. Today was also a classic London day...rain. and lots of it! There were huge puddles everywhere. I got to use my sweet zebra umbrella again. Our professors thought it would be a good day to take a long walk through the city from Westminster Abby to Trafalgar square with umbrellas and all. It was quite the outing, need I say more.

So today was also round deux at Borough market. I had my first ostrich burger, and now I will never go back to a normal one. We also walked up Oxford street and ended up at Primemark. Imagine H&M, target, and forever all mixed into one huge store...that's basically primemark. Except it's even better than that. The first time I went in, it felt like black Friday. I asked a British girl if it was always like that, and she said, "yep, all the time". I got two jackets and a shirt for 15 pounds (about 25$). It was unreal.

A bunch of the girls set up mattresses in the classroom tonight, and we watched "The Young Victoria". I completely fell in love with the movie, and if you have never seen it...go watch it! It has the sweetest love story ever. It was cool because the movie took place at the Buckingham and Kensington Palace (Kensington Palace is about a 2 minute walk from here). Westminster Abby was also in the movie, and we had seen it earlier today!

Here are a few shots for the day

Westminster Abby

Trafalgar square

I am happy. The day started off badly with lots of rain and no desire to be with the entire group all morning. But then it turned into a blissful day of ostrich burgers and sales at primark. Nothing spells out happiness quite like those do. There are different ups and downs of being here away from family and living with a bunch of girls, but the city has a way of making everything better. It is magical:)

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  1. ostrich burgers- amazing.
    Young Victoria- life changing.