Saturday, 23 January 2010

positive eating+positive living

I did some positive eating tonight! We went to this place called Wagamama for dinner. The restaurants theme was "positive eating+positive living" haha. We have been doing a lot of positive eating here! The restaurant was this cool noodle/chinese food place. People in Europe don't tip, and I was originally really excited about that. Then I found out that most waitors are mean, don't split your checks, and never refill your drinks. I miss the good old service in the states! But they do have great food here. I got some yummy chicken curry tonight.

Me, Audrey, and Caitlin at the restaurant

We also discovered the Waffle house tonight. And it's only a two minute walk from our flat! We don't even have to take the tube.

I had another first today... I did my laundry somewhere other than at my parents house. There has been horror stories about clothes ripping in the dryers here, but my clothes thankfully made it safely through! Laura also took me and Christina on her special run through Hyde park this morning. I've been really grateful because my hip hasn't been hurting after running!! knock on wood.

And tomorrow I'm teaching primary for the first time, so wish me luck!

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