Saturday, 30 January 2010

two decades

This morning there was snow on the ground, but not a cloud in the sky. It was a birthday miracle.

My first day of being twenty started off with a run with laura. We did the four mile loop and then ran to Pret A Manger for oatmeal, meeting up with Christina and Audrey. We ate my favorite breakfast. Oatmeal! yum yum.

I loved the Indian culture activity today. We had to wrap scarves around our heads and take our shoes off in the temples. There were a lot of similarities to their religion and LDS belief, so it was really interesting to compare the two. I love different, unique cultures, and I really enjoyed today. At the temple of the Sikhs, they give out free meals after you worship. We ate curry there after we bowed in front of the alter and observed.

We visited three Indian temples and walked around the main street there. Some of Bend it like Beckham was filmed there. We also went to this really nice Indian restaurant for my first birthday dinner of the night! haha.

My lovely friend Laura invited me to a second birthday dinner with her parents! (her parents are currently visiting here) She knew that I would miss being away from family for my birthday, and it was so sweet of her. Thank you Neilsons for the dinner!! They even brought dessert with a candle and sang to me.

My birthday ended with two adorable cakes from Marks and Spencer. Everybody sang to me, and I closed my eyes and made a wish. And of course, more birthday kisses from macy, audrey and kellen.
oh and did I mention another Ben's cookie from Audrey? This time it was coconut. I think I'm going to have to ban sweets for the next week after this weekend.

After my second piece of birthday cake, I could not make it up the 65 stairs to my room. Kellen and Calvin piggy-backed me all the way up. Now that is true friendship.

The rest of my pictures won't load right now! more to come tomorrow...

thank you to everyone who made my birthday fabulous. I love you all:)

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  1. Such an awesome birthday! So AWESOME to celebrate in England! You will never forget it! I love that you are doing this blog. I bet your family loves it, and you will be grateful for the journal! I love peeking in on your wonderful adventure.......partially jealous! You are so lucky! Enjoy!