Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bloody Tower

Friday was probably my favorite day here...wait, yesterday and today were pretty good too. I still can't believe this is actually my life here in London. I will tell you all about the past few days, don't worry:)

Friday was the Tower of London...dun dun dun. On the way there, we found the famous Tower Bridge! I had been waiting for that moment ever since getting off the plane. I was super excited when I saw Sherlock Holmes with that bridge in the movie. Here is the beautiful bridge...

Then we waited for awhile outside the Tower of London while Professor Macfarlane found our tickets. So we just decided to take a lot of pictures.

My favorite parts were the crowned jewels and the Bloody Tower. The largest diamond on the earth is found there, and it was extremely massive. All of us joked about how we would steal the diamond and make our wedding rings out of them. There is such a rich history behind all of England, and it's so interesting to learn about. I loved being at the Tower of London and getting a deeper look into the history of everything. The coolest part was the Bloody Tower, where two princes were suspiciously murdered/suffocated...kind of disturbing also haha.

Some of us crammed into one of the towers

When I was about twelve, I took a picture in this exact spot! I was excited to replicate that photo.

Classic Tower of London man. I seriously chased him down a stone road for this pic.

Emma and me preparing for battle. We are buff.

This is only part one for the day! The best is still yet to come....

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