Monday, 18 January 2010

You are called to serve as....

I was called to serve as a.....

Primary teacher in the Clapham Common ward in the Wandsworth Stake!

I have been waiting for this moment all week! I was so excited to go out to my new ward and get my calling.
On Sunday morning, we had quite a little adventure getting to our ward. I met up with Kellen and Sarah around 9am to get to our ward on time. We first got on to the bus and rode for about a half an hour. It reminded me of when Harry first gets on a bus in the first book, especially when the sign read "Night bus". Life cannot get much better when everything reminds you of Harry Potter haha. After the bus, we had to figure out how the train system worked also. We finally figured it out, and got seated. Once again, I was reminded of Harry Potter! Remember how they take those trains to Hogwarts? yeah, it felt like that.

Our train finally arrived, and we were in the cutest little town I had ever seen. It seemed like a typical suburb of London, and there was a cute park with little cafes and flats everywhere. This is also where our directions became vague. We walked around this adorable little town for about a half an hour before finding the LDS church building. We were ten minutes late to church, but they were so happy to have us there.

Here are a few facts about my new ward:
1) There are probably about 50-60 active members
2) 80-90% of them are not British- mostly from Africa
3) There are only about 10 kids in jr. and sr. primary combined
4) There is this darling British girl in primary who reminds me of the little girls on The Holiday, accent and everything

Right after sacrament meeting, we met with the Bishop. He immediately gave us callings and said "you guys are flipping awesome" in his sweet British accent. Sarah and I went to primary for the next two hours, and it was my first time back to primary since I was in it. The boys were terrors haha. Two of the little girls loved the necklace I was wearing though, and they wouldn't stop playing with it.

Me, Kellen and Sarah

It was such an amazing Sunday, and I really felt like that was where I am supposed to be. It was also the first day that the sun came out since I have been here. It was an absolute gorgeous day.

People selling art at Hyde Park

It was the perfect day. Then we had a huge dinner of potatoes, roast, rolls, salad, dessert, etc.(we are all kind of obsessed with food here), and then I skyped my family and laura. It was kind of hard to be away yesterday because all of my family was together at Zermatt and my cousins had a grandparent pass away, but I knew that I was supposed to be here. I already miss my family, but I am so happy to be here! I loved my new ward and everything about yesterday.

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