Sunday, 31 January 2010

round two.

a little more birthday love

Remember how I ate too much chocolate cake last night? I felt not so good afterwards, so I didn't blog about everything that I wanted to!

First thing I forgot...After experiencing a new religion yesterday, it made me much more grateful for my religion. I loved learning about the Sikhs and Hindu religion, but nothing hits home quite like my religion does. I love it very much, and it has become who I am.

Second, I'm so grateful for dear family and friends. I have been blessed with the best family in the world, and I missed spending my birthday with them! However, my new friends here made me feel so loved and special:) I have only known them for a few short weeks, but they already have a special place in my heart! I also miss my best friends back home, and I'm thankful for their love and friendship over the many years. I have so many amazing people in my life. How does a girl get so lucky?

Ok... I promise I'm done with all the birthday stuff now.

Today was a great day. I started it off as usual, with banana, yogurt, and the best cereal. Audrey and I rave about the breakfast here...breakfast is possibly the best meal of the day. The yogurt is completely divine, even the fat free kind. I could eat it for dessert (and I probably should). And the cereal. Well, nothing tastes quite like it back home!

I went to my wonderful new ward this morning, and I was so happy to be there with Sarah and Kellen. They are gems. As usual, the primary kids were terrors. They were completely reverent during Sarah's lesson, but then snack time came. We let them loose into the cultural hall, and of course the cute missionaries come in while we're chasing them.

President Chittock came this evening to give a fireside at the centre. He was the cute little british man who said he was a "simple londoner". He spoke about London during war time and what it was like. I can't get over how adorable he is!

I then skyped with my lovely family. I even got to see Sasha and baby Sienna. Have I mentioned that I love my family?

Well, as usual, I have spent much more time blogging than anticipated. Sweet dreams from London.

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