Monday, 18 January 2010

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

This title of this blog is my favorite quote from Shakespeare for the day. Today was very much filled with Shakespeare because we visited the beloved Globe! We went on a great tour of it with my professor, Sister Howe (favorite professor ever) and the kids in my Shakespeare class. This funny little British guy gave us an hour long tour, and then we went through this exhibit with costumes and such.

Pictures inside the Globe

Here are some random pictures by the house connected to the Globe

And a few on the walk back across the The Thames River

I already know that parting with London will be so sad! I am in LOVE with London.

I also discovered another love today....a British candy bar called a Kinder Bar, also known as a Bueno Bar. I know I will be taking home a whole bunch of those treasures.

And finally, to end another fantastic day in London, I had BEN'S COOKIES with Laura and Emma! There are a ton of them here in London. I'm pretty sure it was started here, and they are mostly non-existent in the states.

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  1. haha. Jenny! Bueno bars were like what I lived on when I was there. We brought home a whole box when I came back. Like a huge box. Are you going to go to a play at the Globe? You really should. That was one of my favorite things we did in London. Or did you do that today also? LOVE YOU! (p.s. I know how you feel about not wanting to leave and already loving it - so i will help you survive when you come back!)