Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fish and Chips anyone?

I know I just started this blog, but I am already getting behind! I promise I will try and be better at updating it. Monday was a fabulous day because I got to have fish and chips (american translation: fried fish and french fries) for my first time! We went to a classic British pub by the British Museum, and it was simply divine. I will definitely go back to that place!

Before getting fish and chips, we went to the British Museum. Not much to say about it...haha but afterwards was the highlight of my week so far! We went to St. Paul's Cathedral. It was BREATHTAKING!! It was such a beautiful building with amazing architecture. Princess Diana was married there, and people like John Donne are buried there. There was this huge dome at the top called the whispering chamber. If you walked all the way to the other side and whispered something into the wall, someone on the other side was supposed to hear your secret. Pretty cool.

The street from St. Paul's

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