Friday, 29 January 2010

goodbye have been good to me

i love my life.

first of all, my birthday is tomorrow!

second of all, i have the sweetest friends.

i would be completely content if my birthday ended right now. I got back from the Victorian Albert museum to find a lovely present waiting for me. Laura was in the kitchen and asked me to get a piece of bread out for her. I opened the cupboard to find a box of ben's cookies! She had got me a dark chocolate and a double chocolate cookie. I ate the dark one immediately (mind you, I had already eaten frozen yogurt and chocolate. but who cares? it's birthday week. calories don't count)

Then I came up here to blog. The clock had struck midnight and I hadn't even realized it! Audrey came in singing to me and gave me chocolate covered coffee beans. and macy gave me birthday kisses! (on the cheek) does life get any better?
Thank you dear friends.

Tomorrow should be pretty sweet too because we are going to the Indian community for the whole day (it's apart of our culture class).

The rest of today was pretty great too. I went to Camden market this morning and bought some sweet button earrings. There was also left over curry from dinner last night, and it's the best homemade curry I've ever had. Life is all about food here!
A few of us went to the Victorian Albert Museum for the evening, and there was this awesome masquerade ball going on. We just happened to go on night of the ball- we had no idea what was going on for the first few minutes. Everyone was dressed up in fabulous costumes with great masks. There was all kinds of music and performing groups.

I also received a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father today. I know He is watching out for me and is aware of me, even in the seas of people here. He answers prayers through others, and I was the grateful recipient tonight.

goodnight world


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