Monday, 25 January 2010


Let's just say this cake has been one of the best moments of my week so far. Laura, Audrey, Emma and I took two extra pieces of cake on Sunday and hide them at the bottom of the fridge. We were going to save it for this Saturday for my birthday cake. However, I should have known that we couldn't last that long..we only made it one day. Big surprise there! So we pigged out on this chocolate cake, and it was definitely worth it.

On Monday, I also had another little adventure. I decided to venture off to Harrods by myself to pick up some make-up I had run out of. It was my first time going anywhere by myself since arriving here (we are ALWAYS with other people). I must have looked like a native because two people asked me how to get around while on the tube. I accidentally got on the wrong train home, but! I eventually made my way home safely.

That night, I attempted to give my blog a make-over. It didn't turn out that well since I'm still a novice at this whole blogging thing. It is kind of hard! The format got all messed up, and I got discouraged! I sorted all of it out tonight, and I am confident that I will be better now at blogging daily. That's my new goal:)

I also have finally figured out a good schedule for me. The days are flying by so quickly, and I"m already worried about getting through everything I want to do. That is why I have to...
1) go running in the mornings
2) study in the evenings (in the library so I actually get stuff done)
3) see the city in the afternoons

Yesterday, I saw the Tate Britain museum. It is one of the most famous art museums in the world. It was an amazing art gallery! Hopefully I will be able to make it back there. And guess what else happened? The fire alarm went off while we were there.

But it gets even crazier than that. The night before (Monday night), we all awoke at 2:30 am to the London centre fire alarm. It was like some terrible nightmare. There is this little old lady who lives at the bottom of the centre, and she turned on her oven to heat up her flat. She forgot to turn it off and almost started the building on fire. Luckily we were ok and quickly hoped back in bed.

Anyways, back to Tuesday. I saw another show... The Lady in Black. It was our third attempt to see the show (we had been late and then tickets were sold out on other days). It was supposed to be really scary, but it was kind of a dud.

We were also informed yesterday that the terrorism level in the UK was raised to severe. That is the highest it has been in the past few years, and the prime minister will address the UK this weekend. Sounds a little sketchy huh? But we don't really have anything to worry about. The directors just told us to avoid protests and such! (like we would attend those anyways)

This week has also been my last week of being a teenager! I can hardly believe it. My birthday is on Saturday, but we are having birthday week basically because we will have a class trip on that Saturday. What can get better than birthday week?! haha I'm really excited for my birthday this weekend. Tomorrow night we're going to see Phantom of the Opera to start out the festivities. I feel like I need to do something crazy before I officially leave my teenage years...I guess being in London will have to be enough!

Today was our second day trip. I have to get up early to run, but I will blog about it all tomorrow! Here is a sneak peak....

I stole these rocks from the side of the ocean in Brighton (yes, this is place where Lydia runs away with
Wickham in P&P)

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