Monday, 18 January 2010


I have found my new obsession in London. I basically find new obsessions in London every day, but my obsession from Friday was particularly cool. It was this sweet market called Borough Market! After the Tower of London, we took a nice little walk over to my new favorite place. I had no idea what to expect at this market- Sister Howe just said it was really cool and fun! And to not eat before going. Right when we got there, so many colors and yummy smells surrounded us. There were all types of things- authentic curry, ostrich burgers, fresh fruit and veggies, bread, pastries, nuts, chocolate, and all other types of authentic food. I was in heaven! Especially since I love authentic food and trying new things. I quickly filled up on all kinds of things because of all the samples everyone gave out. My friend Christina and I had lots of fun trying crazy foods and enjoying the awesome atmosphere.

They filmed a scene from the first Harry Potter in this pub. And yes, I did walk through it. Love HP!!

They also had beautiful flower markets all throughout the place. I had to resist from buying some for my dorm room (we have seriously no room for anything in our rooms). But, hopefully we will go back around Valentine's and buy some for each other!

I also fell in love with cinnamon-chocolate dusted hazlenuts (oh, and the chocolate covered coffee beans). They are probably the best things I have ever eaten in my life, considering my love for nutella flavored anything. If you ever go to London, this is a definite must! We plan to go back like every weekend that we are here in London...can't wait for the next time we go!!

We didn't get back until around five, so we ate dinner quickly and then jetted off to see Chicago. I was really excited to see it, but I was super exhausted from all the other awesome things we did that day. So I was falling asleep during the entire show, and I didn't really love Roxie or Thelma. I am hoping the next production I see will be better.

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