Thursday, 21 January 2010

We got back on the bus and drove for another half hour until we came to Salisbury. On the way there, we passed many pigs and horses that were wearing coats. It was a little strange. When we got to the cathedral there, I was amazed once again. I can't believe all the great cathedrals that still exist here in London! The Salisbury Cathedral was built in the 1200s, and it's still being used today. There is nothing similar to this in the states, and it's a completely different world. London has such a great history, and I love learning about it. We also saw the original Magna Carta. The real deal! We weren't allowed to take pictures though. Here's the cathedral...

Then we made our way onto Bath! Just imagine a snooty english person saying "Bath" in their british accent. That's the correct way to say it. Professor Howe told us that Jane Austen hated Bath, and she fainted when she found out she had to live there. I was expecting not to like it at all because of this, but I loved it! Austen didn't like the city because poor people would go there to marry their daughters off. We first visited the Roman Baths and then the place where the novel Northanger Abby occurred. Bath was a cute, old-fashioned town with cobble stones. We also passed Nicolas Cage's flat that he has in the middle of Bath.
Here are the baths of Bath...

And here is where Jane Austen was! This place was so fun to go to because I LOVE her and her books/movies. I have watched all of the movies at my grandma's house while growing up, so it was great to be there.

Here are a few last images of the adorable town

oh, and couldn't forget about good old ben's cookies. It was fate last night...we just happened to find them in the little town, and we couldn't resist going in. Before we leave, I will have tried all of them!

So I'm sorry to anyone who might read this blog, but I'm turning this blog into part of my journal! So you will probably get a lot of info you don't really care about. I'm doing it because I forget everything so easily, and I really love blogging now.
so... continuing on with my day, we got back too late to have our normal dinner schedule. They gave us 5 pounds, and we ate at this thai food buffet. It was pretty greasy, so I will probably not be going back. I went with some kids that I haven't spent very much time with yet, so it was fun to get to know them better! I really like all the people here, and I've already made some great new friends.

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