Sunday, 10 January 2010


I started off my adventure in London with seeing Peter Pan! It was really fun to see here because the play takes place in London. It was fun because they used Hyde Park and Kensington Park in the play as well. They had a really cool set up in the theater, and it felt like we were flying with Peter Pan! We also ate at a great restaurant called Nando's with some of the other students, and we all got to know each other better. London also saw it's biggest snow storm in 30 years...we got caught in it while trying to get tickets to the show. There were bigger snowflakes here than in Utah!

The group at Nando's
In the snow buying tickets

Before my adventure to Neverland (not to be mistaken
with Michael Jackson's), I went on a run through Hyde Park. It was gorgeous with all the snow, and all the buildings were gorgeous and simply classic. Hopefully I will become very familiar with Hyde Park so I can avoid the dreaded 10 lbs of living at the centre!

Proof that we really did work out

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