Tuesday, 9 March 2010

walk in the countryside

my walking staff that cameron got for me. Dr. McF in the background with his indiana jones hat. very classic

we walked by a lavender field. I need to go back during june sometime--they harvest all the flowers then.

at the gift store, I bought some lemon curd and horseradish. The lady there gave me a ton of this pretty wrapping paper just because. I loved it so much that I had to take a picture of it

after our ten mile (I was wrong yesterday...it was not eight), I went to see 39 Steps with a few of the girls here for Michelle's birthday. It was this funny alfred hitchcock-type play.
I have loved getting to know all the girls here. I feel like I have a friendship with each girl here, and it's so much fun! I can hang out with any of them whenever, and I love getting to know them even better. It has been really rewarding to me, and a handful of them have asked me to live with them next year.
I love how heavenly father answers prayers through others!

For some of the hike, I walked with President Chittock's brother, Ron. He told me all about his wife and family.
wanna hear a cute story??
He met his wife when they were teenagers in a dance class. They started dating, and they got engaged right before he went to Cyprus for the army. He was gone for six months, and they were married a month after he got home. They were married in Surrey, England (yes, the city where the Holiday takes place).
I love old people!
They always seem to have the best advice and the best love stories.

I keep meeting people who make me more passionate for life.
I keep seeing beautiful nature that reminds me of God's great creations and his love.

my contacts are getting fuzzy, and I can barely keep my eyes open. I think that means I must go to bed very, very soon! I'm going to get ready for bed really fast so I can get back into my covers asap!


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