Sunday, 7 March 2010

a few thoughts for the day

I'll just be straight forward with this blog post....

there are no exciting pictures and no exciting news for the day.
I'm very sorry!
it was still a good day though.

Right now I'm just watching Antony and Cleopatra for my shakespeare class, and I'm all snuggled up in my big snuggly comforter.

Calvin spotlighted me the other night at devotional, and he asked what my favorite parts of london have been so far. it was hard to decide, but here are a few of the top favorites

1) runs in hyde park
2) walks through the pretty green scenery
3) borough and portabello markets
4) shows...hairspray, lion king, phantom
5) national gallery and somerset gallery
6) all the different cultures and yummy food

I've also missed some of the comforts of home such as...
my own big bed!
sunday dinners with fun cousins, crazy siblings, cute grandmas, mommy's food, card games
watching grey's anatomy every week (I have only seen it once since being here!)
my gym pass
drinking fountains
my sister (and not to mention sharing clothes with her:)
being able to call my mom every day

Every day, I wake up and I'm so grateful for this experience. I have become much more street smarts (I had no skills in this area before. it's still not saying much), I've found out more so what I want from life and who I want to be, and I'm more accepting of others and their ways of life. It has opened my eyes to how much the world offers. I've learned so much about people, different cultures/religions, myself, and my Savior.
Laura and I were just talking about how sad it will be when this is over and how we will cry every night!

My ward was great today. This non-member got up during fast and testimony meeting, and she proceeded to tell us that the missionaries (yes, elder garner) had found her that week. It was her first time to church, and she was so excited to be there that she had to get up! how cool is that? She said that she prays for the missionaries every night since she met them, and that we should too. I was really impressed with her courage to get up there on her first sunday. From now on, one of my goals is to bare my testimony more.
I also taught primary about abraham and lot ( I don't know how they expect me to teach it when I barely understand myself!). It was crazy as usual, and the rest of today has just been filled with yummy food and naps.

I love you all! I'm so happy for sundays, especially sundays in london. I hope everyone had a wonderful sunday.
If you have the comforts of home, enjoy them for me:)

and I will enjoy london for all of you back home!

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