Friday, 5 March 2010

keats house and kenwood

Today we went to Keat's house. It was this beautiful, open, free house where Keat's wrote "Ode to a Nightingale". We saw the plum tree where he wrote the poem, and we took pictures by it.
Keats died from tuberculosis before he was able to marry his love, Fanny. how sad is that?? she had a ring and everything.
Then, we were off to hike through Hampstead heath. We got a little lost, so we ended up walking for an hour and a half. Hampstead heath was where C.S. Lewis was inspired to write "the lion, the witch and the wardrobe". Picture the forrest in the movie...that's what we walked through all afternoon! It was so beautiful. One of my favorite parts of london has been taking walks through the gorgeous scenery. My wellies came into use because it was super muddy.
Our walk took us to Kenwood. Remember that part in the movie Nottinghill where julia roberts films her movie at the end? it's by that huge, beautiful white house with the amazing scenery. ok yeah, that is kenwood! some of nottinghill was filmed there. I loved walking through the house because it had an amazing view of a pond plus some great art.
Then we went to camden market where I got yummy chinese food and homemade donuts! yum
I swear we walked at least six miles today, so it was great to get back to the centre. My kitchen crew also got ben and jerry's tonight because we just finished our last week of it!

so yeah, that's all for tonight.
I have to read wuthering heights and take two tests before we go to paris, so I have lots of homework! I have been the most tired today since I got here- they keep us so busy! I also haven't been taking care of myself enough to get over my sickness completely. So those are my goals this next week...focus on homework and get completely better.
wish me luck!

by the plum tree

keats house

hampstead heath


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