Monday, 1 March 2010

hot showers and clean sheets

beware...long blog post!!
So tonight I was supposed to start this rule where I would only blog after ALL my homework was done.

your favorite girl is here to blog again...yet her homework is not done yet!!! ahhh
I made it about an hour, and then I needed a quick break! haha so here I am, blogging away. Maybe someday I will get good at that rule. I'm not sure what it is about blogging, but it's strangely addicting. Maybe it's just that I like writing, and I like my life. Combine the two, and that equals happiness for me.

Ok, I don't think I ever blogged about this, but Prof. Shuler taught us about culture shock at the beginning of the semester. We all kind of just laughed and shook it off, but I have seen it in action now. People here at the centre have been missing comforts of home, family, boyfriends, boys in general (remember how there are only 35 girls here? haha), etc. People here have also been a little uptight and tense.

I'm the first one to admit that I have been involved in this whole "culture shock". I'm not sure if that's what I would really call it, but it has definitely happened. The past few days I've been thinking, "what's going on with everyone?! and me??"

Thankfully, a beautifully sunny day came our way and brightened everything. Just what I needed. Even though there are many things from home that I miss, I know I need to make every day here count! I really do love it here, but I will be ready to come home at the end of this.

Tonight I had a little glimpse of home. I've been on kitchen crew the past few days, and we get to help Terry cook in the kitchen. It's so fun, and we love helping her. She's so sweet and nice, and she seriously makes the best food ever. We all chat and have fun making and eating food. Last night, we even got to have a little party in the kitchen with the extra cheesecake. Anyways, Terry asked me to cut the strawberries for the salad. It reminded me of cutting strawberries for some kind of sunday dessert during the summertime at home. I love strawberries and I also love my mom's cooking! Terry also takes requests for dinner, so tomorrow we will be having our favorite meal...enchiladas!! We are so spoiled here with all the yummy food.

Today I went on a run, went to class, visited a local church, ate lamb kebabs, and went to the Somerset House (another art gallery) with laura. On the way to the gallery, these funny guys from the czech republic sold us really cheap fruit. We talked to them for a few minutes, trying not to be awkward (we haven't talked to boys in two months. give us a break!). However, the cute little man at the kebab house did wink at us earlier, so maybe we aren't all that bad. Oh, and today emma went to the doctor. We have all had this terrible cough, and he said she had bronchitis.
So I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis. haha how did all this happen?!?

van Gogh's self portrait. I can't believe I got to see this today!! I also saw some Degas, Renoir, Seurat, Monet, Manet, Michelangelo, and Botticelli.

I have realized lately some specific things make me super happy. More than just happy...they are emotionally healing to me.
just silly little things like...

eating healthy (especially warm oatmeal)
making to do lists (and crossing things off!)
listening to Bon Iver and Dave Matthews
heart to hearts
blogging (obviously)
journal writing
super hot showers
herbal tea
clean sheets (I have some in the dryer as I write)
emails and notes from dear friends
making people feel loved and being their friend

and...walking down the streets in a skirt with the sun shining down on my face!! I have finally written everything in my head/heart tonight. Sometimes it just feels so good to write down everything. I'm sorry to anyone reading this that was hoping for a thrilling and life-changing post. It was just simply me.

I feel very peaceful and ready for bed now. sleep sounds divine!

goodnight world. I love and miss all of you back home.

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