Friday, 12 March 2010

beautiful day

today I have not left the centre once. can you believe that?? I have no idea what the weather was even like. I love being outside and taking in the city, so that was definitely missed.
It's probably good though because it was much needed. I slept the afternoon away, just like the past few days. I got into bed this afternoon feeling so stressed and so sick, so I emailed my professor asking for a blessing.
I was nervous to ask because it was just for some dumb sicknesses and stupid stress that I shouldn't have in London.
I got up the guts and just asked.

We went down into the Schuler's flat, and Professor Schuler anointed me followed by Macfarlane giving the blessing. He said everything that I needed to hear and more. It ended with hugs and tears all around.

I was able to start and finish my King Lear paper. I have no idea how I finished or let alone stayed awake to finish.
Now I'm sitting here blogging wondering how it all happened. There is always hope and light. A new day will always come.
I'm so thankful for priesthood blessings, and it was beautiful to see the priesthood working in my life.

I know it's real.

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