Thursday, 4 March 2010

two words



somehow today turned into euro chic day.
we even visited Samuel Johnson's house in these great outfits.
we fit in perfectly on the tube.

we are locals!
what more could we hope for?

fun story for the day...
I had one and a half waffles tonight from the nicest waffle man. When we first got there, he had no strawberries left. He said he could go get some more, and I said that all five of us would buy some if he did! after eating my delicious waffle with chocolate, banana and strawberries, I chatted with him for a few minutes. I learned that he took a course in belgium on waffle making. now that's an idea- maybe that will be my back up plan if I can't choose a major.
all five of us plopped down against the wall by the stand to eat our waffles. The waffle man even took a picture of us eating our waffles, and then more people started to get in line- they saw how yummy ours were! we were good publicity, and he said he'd give us a discount next time.

emma mentioned today that we only have 43 days left!! ahhhhh
how did this happen? we have big things the next few weeks also, so it will go super fast.
in 10 days, paris.
a week after that, scotland
another week after that, finals
and then the last day of finals, my parents get here!

I have such mixed feelings already because I'm so excited to see my parents and friends and be at home, yet I don't want to leave this town that I have grown to love so dearly.

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