Tuesday, 2 March 2010

spring is in the air


first flowers in London town!

after class and a run with christina this morning, I headed to Regent's park with a few other girls. The sun was out and the flowers were blooming. It made me so happy! We took a stroll through the park and then stopped at the Sherlock Holmes' museum and the official beatles store. I also remembered my camera today, and I was glued to it!

I know, I look a little sickly and white. I'm blaming it on the bronchitis! It didn't help that my hair was wet and that I didn't bring a coat (the sun is deceiving here). Laura lent me her cute orange coat for the afternoon.

I want to take wedding pictures in purple flowers like this. sooooo pretty

I snapped a few shots of the tube station on our way to get tickets to....


This is another tube stop right off where we live. I'm sure you have heard of it! pretty cool.

Christina and I basically had a little date night. A few other girls went to the musical also, but there tickets ended up being on the other side of the theater. Christina had a meeting that I didn't want to interrupt, so we didn't leave for the show until 7:20pm. It was going to start in ten minutes, so we got another little jog in for the day. We ran to the tube lightening fast, rode it down the central line a few stops, and bolted off to the theatre. Luckily, they still seated us even though we were a few minutes late. I seriously loved the play so much, and I'm way happy I went. I wasn't originally planning to go because I had previously seen it with my parents in New York, and I didn't care for it too much. This production was much more fun! All the audience, including myself, was singing and dancing by the end. The actors were having so much fun that they were even laughing and couldn't keep straight faces. I laughed and smiled like crazy.

I just found a flax seed granola bar-type thing in my purse that I bought at borough market. There was this cute boy selling them at the market, and I was desperate to talk to a cute boy...so I went up and bought one. How desperate is that?! we are all starting to feel the desperation! the granola bar was pretty yummy though. I will have to go back to that stand to get another one:)

well, another great day in London. And tomorrow will likely be a great day too! We are visiting Shakespeare's house and seeing the play King Lear.
Days go so fast here. I feel like I'm some kind of whirlwind. I wish I could slow them down!

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