Sunday, 21 March 2010

a few confessions

if you're ever in london, go here.

it will change your life!

confession: sarah, kellen and I forgot to pick up food for the munch and mingle at our ward.
another confession: at the train station, we decided to pop in real quick to marks and spencers to get some food for it.

we made it to church, I taught my lesson, and sarah and I conquered sharing time with plato. Our belgium cookies were a hit at the munch and mingle, and we successfully mingled with many of our friends in the ward including the missionaries. I love my ward so much. They have been so warm, open, and welcoming. All of the ladies there always give me hugs even though they hardly know me.

one more confession: we stopped at marks and spencers again to buy a few more biscuits and snacks to hold us over til dinner (we're kind of in between normal life and trip life. it's so hard to eat normal here!).

We got off the bus at marble arch and then walked down to speaker's corner. It's this big corner of Hyde park where a ton of crazy, random people go to preach/argue/be crazy. It was really interesting to hear all of them, but it was neat to feel the spirit tell me once again that our church is the only true one. We sat on a bench at the park, popped open our snacks, and enjoyed the sun and the daffodils.

I forgot that I had a huge blister on my toe from paris. I guess it was a bad idea to wear high heels! After a few seconds out the door, I took them off. I walked around barefoot in the city london and hyde park today. lots of people gave me funny looks. I guess people don't do that here? who knows!

Sarah, kellen and I may or may not have eaten the entire box all by ourselves.

Then we walked down hyde park along bayswater and looked at all the art for sale.

it was a very successful and uplifting sunday! I loved it.

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