Monday, 8 March 2010

a play about a horse...and war?

This is what I have been watching for the past two hours of my life. We saw this play called warhorse. The title of the play is pretty self-explanatory.

It's about a horse.
and war.

need I say anymore??

It was a very controversial topic here at the centre. Some people loved it so much that they cried while others would rather die than watch it again. I agree more so with the later perspective, but I appreciated certain aspects of it. The horse costumes were pretty cool, and they looked pretty similar to real horses.
I think a big part of this experience is becoming more open and cultured, and tonight I realized that even more. Even if I don't completely love a show, museum, or experience, there is always something to be learned and something to be appreciated.

I'm really glad that I grew up with parents who were so open and accepting of other people, cultures, and places. I'm willing to try all kinds of kinds of food and talk to all kinds of people. That is a huge part of the experience to me! I love people, cultures, and places that are really unique or authentic. I don't like eating at places here that we have back in the states because there is so much to try and enjoy here.

I think I can thank my dad for me being that way. He has always loved traveling and being in big citites, finding yummy authentic restaurants, talking to all types of people, and working internationally on a regular basis. He has worked in places like china, argentina, singapore, amsterdam, scotland, new york, san fransisco, england, belgium, india, etc.

I love how he is so cultured and accepting. I hope to be more like him that way.

A few fun facts about today...
macfarlane had a mandatory modesty meeting with all the girls in the centre today. he was so funny and nice (and a little awkward) about it. I love him as a professor, and he is a top notch man. A few weeks ago, we were talking about The Aeneid and King Priam's death. He started crying a little when he talked about a king having to watch his son die. He related it to his worst fear--having to watch his family die. It was especially touching because his daughter, leslie, was in the class as well.
I wrote a poem for my english class about tinturn abbey. who knew I liked writing poetry? we were supposed to combine nature with a past experience. I got really into it and everything. I spent most of the afternoon writing it in my pjs after class.
I drank diet coke at warhorse and now I am soooo wide awake. bad idea

I just got back from the play and had a wonderful, long chat with some of the girls in the servery. We somehow ended up telling crazy/sad stories for like an hour. Time flies when you are having fun.

I sure do know that. Where have the past nine weeks gone???

I have no idea!

tomorrow we are going for an 8 mile hike through the countryside with president chittock. I'm so excited!! I love being out in nature, and I also love exercising (I know, weird thing to love). it should be a perfect afternoon.

becoming (somewhat) more cultured with my family in mexico!

and that is all for the night. I need lots of energy for hiking in the morning. yay yay

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