Monday, 15 February 2010

what the world needs now

is love, sweet love.


ok fine, so I'm a day late...
but I hope everyone had a fabulous day of love!!

I love Valentine's day because it's all about love and happiness. It is not single's awareness day, no matter how much people say that. It is a wonderful day to be festive and express love for everyone.
Tonight we had a fun little v-day party here at the centre. It was not just any normal party, it was a mandatory v-day party. We dressed up in pink, red, and purple and had a lovely night of games and cookie decorating. They were gourmet, homemade sugar cookies with fancy sprinkles and yummy frosting.

Oh and we also had our cute valentine exchange! When I got back from church yesterday, my valentine surprise was waiting for me on my bunk. Emma had my name, and she got pretty tulips and ben's cookies. She is a sweetie, and she has found the way to my heart. I had Katie, and I got her yellow daisies and chocolates.

Yesterday/today has been the best valentine's. I have some funny stories from yesterday, just wait.
So, Sarah came into my room early yesterday morning to inform me that Kellen's flight had been cancelled (Kellen goes to my ward and teaches gospel doctrine). Since he wasn't going to be there for church, they needed someone to teach his class at the last minute. Guess who was next in line?
I agreed to do it, and I started getting ready. Once I was almost ready, I realized that I could not find my oyster card (tube pass)! Sarah came up to my room, and we looked for it for twenty minutes. Sarah finally found it, and we hurried to the bus. When we got to the bus, I realized that I had not bought my month's pass. We had to get off the bus and buy my stupid pass. We ran back to the bus stop, and I realized that I had lost my pass. again. again?! who does that kind of thing?? I couldn't believe it, and I felt bad that Sarah was stuck with me. I went looking for it and found it on the sidewalk. relief! By this time, we were running about forty minutes late. We rushed to the bus and then the train, and we somehow made it to church right on time. I prepared my lesson during sacrament meeting and then went off to teach my lesson.
After my lesson, the missionaries gave me a really nice note telling me thanks for teaching at the last minute. It gets even better because it was on a pass along card. They were so nice to me, and it made my day! Then we made valentine's in primary for the bishoprick and the missionaries.

We had a wonderful valentine's dinner with chocolates and cards from the Schulers (Brother Schuler is the resident director and Sister Schuler cooks for us every night). I also skyped my family, and they were having a huge vday party/birthday party for Brandon.

Happy Birthday Brandon! I miss you and love you.
I hope everyone shared lots of love on this wonderful day!

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