Friday, 19 February 2010

dicken's house, middle temple, mosque

first off, I am sorry for not blogging yesterday.
I don't like it when I miss a day of blogging because now I can't remember many details from yesterday.

This is basically what happened (well at least what I can remember)...

We went to Middle Temple and then Charles Dickens house.

The Middle Temple was built by the Knights Templar about 500 years ago. We were given a tour of the great hall, and we learned about the Inns of Court, members of the bench, the Master Treasurer, and Honorary Masters of the Inn. Prince William of Wales is the current Honorary Royal Member of the Inn (if this sounds familiar to any of you, it's probably because I copy and pasted from other blogs. My tour guide also talked really quietly, so it was hard to hear everything!) It was really cool to be there, but I didn't retain much information from the excursion if you couldn't tell. I'm just going to blame my lack of attention on being sick!

I do remember the part where we ate though...of course! We had this fancy luncheon in the huge hall there. It was included in the program fees, but I do know it was worth a pretty penny. They even put our napkins on our lap for us! The meal consisted of tomato and mushroom tarts with holladay sauce, pork medallions with mashed potatoes, and apple cinnamon crumble. The meal also ended with coffee, but they brought us some lovely herbal tea instead. I'm feeling very spoiled because I got to eat two wonderful meals in two beautiful places within 24 hours.

first off, I am sorry for not blogging yesterday.

the best part of middle temple were these flowers. b-e-a-utiful!

Then we made our way to Dickens' home. We got a little lost and we were about to be late, so we decided to take a taxi. It was my first time in a taxi since being here, and we definitely arrived in style. I can't believe it has taken me so long to get in one of those classic taxis. But honestly, who needs taxis when the tube is just so great? Utah needs something like the tube. I can only dream! Anyways, we watched this movie once we got to the house. It was fun to see where Dickens wrote famous novels, such as Oliver Twist. They had these old books at the gift shop there, so I bought a book to add to my little (very little) collection. When I get home this summer, I want to read a ton of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen books after learning so much about them.

I came home and wrote my Shakespeare paper in the evening (hence the no blogging last night). I wrote my paper in my favorite little closet at the bottom of the stairs. My family teased me when I skyped them from there. They said I was turning into Harry Potter. Merry Wives of Windsor took over my life last night, but I am happy to say now that my paper is finally finished! hooray.

and that leads us to today!

This morning I was feeling sick still so I didn't go to class. I finally emerged from my bed to go on a field trip for my religion class. We went to the Mosque, and we had another guided tour through the building. We didn't get the memo to bring scarves, so this Islam guy came running towards us to direct us back outside until we found more scarves. I only was wearing a hat and no scarf, so I got to wear an authentic black head scarf. I was also wearing no socks with my shoes (don't judge, I was wearing snuggly boots that don't need them), so I was hoping we wouldn't have to take our shoes off! But of course, we did. It was interesting to see the differences between the Hindu temples we saw a few weeks back and the Mosque. This Islamic guy did a q&a session with us, but sadly I fell asleep on Rachel's shoulder and once again did not retain much information. I did learn a few cool facts though. They believe that if an act is done with sincerity, it is a form of worship. They also believe that Mosques should not be quiet, but rather they should encompass every aspect of life, including the social aspect. I thought that was pretty neat. They also take off their shoes to emulate Moses!

Then we hit up this cool restaurant called Giraffe. yum

And then Macy and I stalked up at Boots on cough medicine. I tried watching King Leare with everyone in the classroom for my shakespeare class, but I got distracted by blog stalking. I have found this new love for cooking blogs and wedding blogs. I secretly just want to make crafts, cook, bake, take pictures of it all, and about it! (I guess it's not so much of a secret anymore since I just blogged about it) I can't wait to have a normal kitchen again so I can pretend like I know what I'm doing while I cook.

For now I'm enjoying eating anything and everything and not having to cook any of it!
I love London.

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