Thursday, 4 February 2010

give me some lovin'

It is the month of love!! I can't believe it's already time to get ready for Valentine's day. It will be magical for the following reasons...

Phantom of the Opera on Monday, Rome the few days before Valentine's day, and drawing names last night for our "valentines" in dorm 4 :)

I put all the names in a hat, and we made a list of everyone's favorite flower and chocolate. How cute is that?
My valentine should be very excited!!

Today was not too eventful, but it was nice.
I had three classes, starting off with Shakespeare. We talked about the play Measure for Measure. Our amazing teacher enlightened us about the play, and told us it was all about "judging not that ye be not judged". We talked about having mercy in our judgments and having love as our primary motive. I really loved what she said because I have learned a lot about that since being here! There are all types of people here in London. They are so different than the people in the states. There are also many different personalities living in the tight quarters here at the centre. I'm learning how important it is to accept people as they are and love them unconditionally. It doesn't matter where people are from or if they are different than "normal".

Today I went on a run with Christina. I love having friends here to run and eat nutella with (I swear we're not all getting fat! we run off some of the nutella:) Running in Hyde park is easily one of my top three favorite things here so far. The other two are probably St. Paul's Cathedral and the National Gallery.
I also had my first encounter with Poundland. I went there with Macy tonight and got chocolate for my family for Valentine's (sorry family for the spoiler). Oh yeah, and my dad is coming tomorrow!! That should be really fun.

The lovely Emma also made me into a blogging pro tonight. She helped me with my new picture. Thank you emma:) My night came to a nice end with watching engagement videos with audrey, laura, and christina. We also booked our hotel for rome and put together a nice little itinerary.

another picture from yesterday that I stole from Laura


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