Tuesday, 2 February 2010

every day counts

I stole this picture from my friend's blog. We live in the red! Next to Jude Law. Yes, Jude Law.

Today was my first trip to the national gallery. It has artwork from many famous artists, such as Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo

I really like art. Who knew I would like it so much?! I'm excited for the next time I go back. I'm grateful that I have another seventy something days to go back whenever I want! I can't believe I have been here almost a month. I'm realizing that I need to make every day count because soon they will all be gone!

A few nights ago, my friend Sarah gave the spiritual thought at devotional. She read two quotes that were written at the top of her bunk....

1) Did you make today count?
2) Did you pray?

whether in London or good old Provo,
make your day count:)

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