Sunday, 14 February 2010

Roman Holiday

6 italian gelatos
5 fun american girls
4 hours of sleep (on hard airport ground)
3 pizza sandwiches
2 seconds away from Trevi Fountain (from Hotel)

1 happy girl and 1 amazing trip

day 1

On wednesday night, we left the centre at 10pm to make our way to the airport. We got there around midnight, and I took half an ambien so I would be able to sleep on the ground at the airport. We joked about how we felt like homeless girls sleeping on the ground. We woke up at four am to catch our flight and made it safely to Rome after three hours. We missed our bus stop, so we got to see all of lovely Rome! Then we got a little lost trying to find our hotel, but we found the Trevi fountain and got fresh Italian ravioli!

After we found our hotel, we walked around the main shopping areas and went to the Spanish steps.

Then we went to the best little italian restaurant, La Bruchetta. I got my first kiss from an italian man! haha don't worry, it was just on the cheek. It was from our middle aged waitor, Bonafache, who was obsessed with americans. We asked if we could get a picture with him, and after the picture he called us beautiful and kissed caitlin and me on the cheeks! It was really funny. I ate spaghetti carbonara and yummy thin crust pizza with mozzarella and cured ham.

Fell in love with the food in Rome

day 2
We got a bright and early start, beginning with a free breakfast of yummy croissants and nutella.
Our first stop was the Vatican.

We started at the beautiful basilica and then went down to the crypts. We saw where many popes and other famous people were buried. The basilica was the most beautiful, decorative building I have probably seen in my whole nineteen years.

we also did not anticipate what came next....

Snow in Rome?!? who would have ever thought. I didn't even know it snowed there. It snowed probably two inches while we waited in line for the Sistine Chapel. We should have been wearing our ski outfits! We were not prepared, so we got completely drenched and frozen. I had to play twenty questions to keep my mind off the cold! It was miserably cold. But it was worth it! The chapel had the greatest artwork. There were halls after halls of art all over the walls. My favorite part was the very end with Michelangelo's art. I also got separated from my friends in the halls, and we had no way to communicate and meet up! I was separated from them for about a half hour, and I was just about to freak out until I ran into them at the coffee shop. Jake still was no where to be found, so we had to meet up with him later.

We took a nice little walk over this beautiful bridge and then saw the Four Seasons fountain

Then it was on to the Pantheon! By this time, it was only raining. It was crazy because about a week earlier, someone had asked in my classical tradition class..."What do they do in the Pantheon when it rains?" (there is a huge hole in the top of it). It was raining through the roof when we were there!

Can you see the rain? probably not, but there was a big puddle at the bottom

By this point, we were wet and tired. It was time for a hot shower! On the way home, I found a beautiful plate with the Trevi Fountain on it. I fell in love with it! I realize more and more that I am turning into my mom. Then we went to this Roman/Italian restaurant, and while walking there we passed the Circus Maximus.
By this point, we had learned that all Italians try to take advantage of americans. They charge you for bread you don't eat at dinner, flowers they "give" you, and taking pictures with them dressed up as "romans". We went back to our adorable hotel, and I had a lovely sleep snuggled up next to emma and macy.

day 3
My favorite part of the trip came next! We saw the Colleseum, and the weather had done a complete 180. It was a beautiful, sunny day...I haven't felt the sun like that in months!
I was amazed by everything the Romans had accomplished. I was in complete awe of their history and influence.

We grabbed some more pizza and gelato, and then I sat down by the Forum and soaked in the sun. We shopped some more and then we were off to the airport. We got back around 11:30pm, and I was overjoyed to be back in London. It has become a second home to me.
Ok, so it is official...I must go back to Rome someday! Preferably in the summer next time:) I would go back just for the food, but all the cool monuments made it so fabulous.

After six times of trying different gelato, the top three flavors are:

cioccolato fondente

so sad to leave Rome!

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  1. glad you liked it! Rome was pretty much my favorite place ever. How did you get a picture of that room in the Sistine Chapel? So not allowed... haha