Tuesday, 23 February 2010

part 2

In honor of aunt tina, I went to V V Rouleaux this afternoon.

It's this beautiful ribbon store with rows and rows of unique, fancy ribbon. I bought some different ribbon to put in my London scrapbook (I am determined to make one even if I don't like scrapbooking!) and to make headbands with. My friends were very happy that they came along, and we unanimously decided that we will return there soon!

Macy, me, Britain and Katy in front of store with our ribbon.
We were very happy girls.
I just wish I had the tools here to make my headbands!

a few more things from the day....
today I also went to the V&A with my civ class and Professor Macfarlane. I don't think I like museums as much as art galleries!
I tried a cookie monster from ben's cookies (double chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream) for the first time.
everyone got an email from our professor tonight addressing a current problem in the centre...the boys are upset about how much the girls complain about "food babies" and "love handles". I guess that's what happens when 35 girls live under one roof!


thanks tina for the recommendation!

I know, I just blogged twice in one day. don't judge! haha

I hope whoever reads this enjoyed:)

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