Saturday, 6 February 2010


Today was another charming day.
London has charm like no other place I've ever been.

We went on the London eye around sunset. It was so beautiful with the sun setting behind Big Ben and the parliament buildings. I was able to pick out the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, the Banqueting House, and Trafalgar square from the top of the ferris wheel.
The London Eye is not your typical ferris wheel. It's the biggest ferris wheel I've ever been on, and it takes about a half an hour to go all the way around. We took lots of beautiful pictures, but of course I forgot my camera. I'll steal some from my friends and add them later! It was so gorgeous! It was one of the best moments since being here. I know I keep saying that, but I'm being serious this time. We changed our plans at the last second, and decided to go earlier in the afternoon. By the time we got there, got our tickets, and waited in line, it was dusk. I'm not sure how it all worked out quite so perfectly. It was meant to be. I have never experienced anything like that before. I looked out over the beautiful city with a new appreciation and love. It was absolutely breathtaking, and it was something that I will never forget!

Also today, I...
ate at the wafflehouse with my dad before his flight
bought phantom of the opera tickets
took a long walk around Picadilly Circus (while looking for where to buy tickets. as usual, we got lost.)
got a cute little Paddington bear
ate a candy cake (cutest mufcake I have ever seen. Muffin/cupcake)
went to Pizza on the Park for dinner

I also came back to find a lovely purple "I love London" hoodie. Christina and Laura got matching sweaters today, and they surprised me with one too!

Today was such a wonderful day out in the city. It was also the first day that I truly felt like a tourist. We spent most of the day in tourist areas, so it was fun to see all the other visitors.

I get no sleep here, so I'm falling asleep while blogging. Sorry for the lack of pictures! I need sleep! Goodnight

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