Monday, 8 February 2010

Angel of Music

The phantom was my angel of music tonight.

He had an INCREDIBLE voice. It has been a long, long time since I have seen Phantom of the Opera, but it was just as entertaining and bewitching as ever. I am still not sure how I feel about the Phantom! It is such a complex love story, and I almost want Christine to end up with him. oh, the drama.
My dad also came with us (he flew back through London on his way home from Brussels).
He took us to Ben's before the show

We were planning to go back to Rules after the show, but it didn't work out. We just went to this Italian restaurant and got desserts and bread. Thanks dad for taking all of us!
Macy and Audrey both said you are their second favorite dad, just after their own dads!

At Her Royal Majesty's Theatre for Phantom. Random Macy in the back

Tomorrow we are going to see Windsor Castle. I also have to do my entire Shakespeare presentation ahh!! (I'm supposed to present on Wednesday. And naturally, we haven't started on it yet)
Oh, and did I mention Rome in three days?!? Caitlin has a nice little itinerary set up for us, so we will be sure to see everything and not get lost:)

We have the snuggliest bunk beds here. I'm on the top bunk, and I haven't fallen off yet (surprisingly). Audrey sleeps right below me, so I can just pop my head down whenever I feel like it. i know she just loves it.
I love my cute little bed. I'm all snuggled up with Phantom songs stuck in my head...
Talk about a great combination

(I know, very gossip-girl-esque)


  1. haha I love your analysis of the phantom!

  2. I do NOT like it!!! It scares me!!!