Saturday, 20 February 2010

cupcakes and antiques

highlights of the day

1. ate breakfast at the Wallace Gallery

2. learned a Jane Austen style dance (check off bucket list) at the Wallace Gallery-they were celebrating King Louis' birthday so they had interactive activities!

3. danced the dance with emma, audrey, and people in 18th century costumes

4. saw beautiful artwork

5. went to portobello road for the first time

6. saw lots of antiques that I want for my future home!

7. ate famous hummingbird cupcake for the first time. wanted to eat five more but restrained

8. learned that red velvet is a type of chocolate with vinegar

9. bought a mini cath kidston wallet/card holder for my tube pass that I always lose

10. went to zizzi's for sarah's birthday dinner-happy birthday dear friend!! thanks for going to church with me and being patient when I lose my tube pass multiple times. I love teaching primary with you and talking about the cute missionaries in our ward.

11. got dark chocolate digestives that will probably be gone by tomorrow night

12. went to bed early to ward off this sickness!

1 comment:

  1. you might not be over your sickness yet... but at least you ate all the digestives!! oh wait... that was me. sorry. I LOVE YOU!