Sunday, 21 February 2010

gnothi seauton

this means "know thyself" in greek.

1) do you know God?
2) do you know Christ?
3) do you know yourself?

President Phillips from the Hyde Park stake presidency gave a fireside here this evening. He is this young british guy who married an american woman, and they now live in London where he works. He made everyone feel like his friend tonight during the fireside, and it made everything feel very personal. He talked about the three previous questions and how Christ came to know who He was. President Phillips was so sweet and in tune with the spirit, and everyone here just loved it. It was really meaningful to me because I'm learning more so every day who I am! It's a lifelong process, and I'm so glad to be me. He said that we will come to know ourselves more as we become closer to our Savior. I loved the fireside. I love my Savior.

Church today was great as always. It was definitely another Sunday that I won't forget.
It started off kind of like this...

It was raining on our way to church, so sarah and I put these extra plastic bags on our heads (sarah forgot her umbrella and mine is still broken). Kellen made us run to the train station from the bus stop because he had no umbrella or bag. Just imagine this while you read, and you will laugh. It must have been quite a sight!

Today I sang "be still my soul" in church and then taught primary. I'm not sure how I made it through both of those because I sounded like a frog when I woke up this morning. The primary kids did a good job at making my voice almost leave completely! They were all combined today, and someone must have fed them all 10 lbs of sugar before they came to class. I had to end my lesson super early because they wouldn't be quiet and my voice wouldn't work! I was grateful when Sarah took over and saved the day with "follow the prophet". After church, we interviewed the missionaries in our ward for religion class. Why are all missionaries so dang cute? I don't get it. they can be any average joe but then become a missionary and every girl wants them. It is a mystery that I am determined to find an answer to.

We left church more like this...

As we put these on our head to leave the building, most of the ward saw and laughed, including the missionaries and bishop. It was awesome.

Tonight I feel very optimistic about my future. I have no major, no set plan (anymore), no commitments. Why should i feel so great about having so many decisions to make?! I'm not sure why, but I'm really happy and excited about all of it. I have so many options....
nursing, family life, journalism, culinary school, art history/art, mission, nannying, others summer jobs, being a professional craft woman/blogger/traveler
who knows?!
NOT me!
I love it.
I normally love having my whole life planned out, but I'm realizing no one can do that. It always turns out different than expected without fail. Being here has already opened my eyes to things I've never considered before.

I seriously need to stop this. I always take a nap right after church, so I don't get tired in the evening. Then somehow it's 2 am and I'm still awake, blogging about nonsense. This nonsense is almost done for the day, don't worry. just a few more of my silly little thoughts...

I like to blog, skype, and do homework in this little closet at the bottom of the stairs. I promise I'm not some hermit weirdo.
There are normally people everywhere around the centre, so I like to come here where it's nice and quiet. I don't like to bother people when I skype either. I feel kind of like I'm in Harry Potter, so it's actually kind of fun. I'm sure people think I'm crazy when I enter the closet and stay for 2+ hours. haha I love it.

My parents are so amazing for supporting me in all of my dreams. They are my best friends and my biggest support. They are always so understanding and loving. I want to be like them.

thanks parents, laura, raquel, and lauren for the skype dates tonight! i love love love you guys.

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  1. Jenny!
    It was so wonderful to skype with you!
    I love reading about your adventures because it makes me feel like I'm somehow there with you.
    Miss you & Love you!