Friday, 5 February 2010

circle of life

I'm going to start off with the best part of my day first...


I saw it tonight with my dad, and it was AMAZING. The singing, costumes, sets, dancing, story line, everything was just fabulous. I love all the music from it also. If you ever get the chance to see it in London, that is a definite must. It has been my favorite play here by far. I was smiling during the whole play cuz I liked it so much.

It also has really moving and beautiful words to the music.

This morning we went to the Banqueting house.

looking at the beautiful ceiling

they weren't ready for us at first, so I wandered over to the National Gallery.

Before going to Lion King, I went to this interesting Italian restaurant with my dad. We were mixed up about what time it was, so we hurried and ate our semi-disgusting food. We rushed over to the theatre to find the doors locked! We thought we had been scammed or something, but we realized that we had the time mixed up. We decided to make reservations at Rules, and we got some hot chocolate at Pret a Manger. We saw the fabulous play, and we were even a half hour early! I don't think I have ever been able to say that before.

The second best part of my day came next! We went to Rules, the oldest restaurant in London. I had been there when I was about 10, and I have faint memories of the fancy pub. We couldn't decide what type of bread pudding to get, so we got sticky toffee, chocolate, and spotted dick bread pudding. We attracted much attention by getting only three desserts and no entrees. It was really fun though. I love bread pudding. Try it. You'll fall in love.

(there was a cute Greek couple next to us)

On the way home, my dad wanted to stop at this Lebanese restaurant because he was still hungry. I tried some of it- I will definitely be going back there! Today was completely crazy with many random little things. It was definitely a day to remember though!

I love Lion King, Rules, and my dad!

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