Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral

Last night, I went to bed by 10pm!! It was a miracle. I got a full 8 hours of sleep since being here. My room is the "late night" room, and some of us still try and get up early to run. It's all finally catching up with me ah!! I love all the girls in my room though. We have lots of fun together. Nutella+laughter=lots of fun. Oh, and we also had our first mice spotting in our room. We are starting to get very cozy with them. We joke that they are going to be sleeping in our beds with us by the end of the semester.

Day trip #3- today we went to Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral. At Dover Castle, we took a tour in the underground war tunnels. We also saw the white cliffs of Dover. They are supposed to be really famous apparently. During the war, Dover was the busiest sea port. We saw the coast of France from the cliffs.

On the very top of the castle. It was so beautiful to look out over the entire city. It was also a work out because there were lots of steps! Laura and I wanted to "get lost" in the castle so we could live there as princesses.

Then we went on to Canterbury Cathedral! In my British Literature class, we read Canterbury Tales and Murder in the Cathedral. Both stories deal with Canterbury Cathedral, so it was really interesting to see the place included in the stories. If you don't know anything about Canterbury Cathedral, google it! It's really cool.

I climbed up to the arch all on my own! Well, not exactly. My friend Calvin helped me climb up it, and then I had to jump off. It was almost too much excitement for one day. Do you see how high that is?!

Here's the cathedral

We spent about an hour in the Cathedral. Professor Howe showed us where Thomas a Becket was murdered. The building has also been around since 500 AD. How cool is that?

After seeing the cathedral, we had a few hours to walk around the cobblestone town. And of course, there was a Starbucks right next to the ancient Cathedral (there are starbucks and Mcdonalds everywhere here). We got hot chocolate there, and then I found my new favorite store! It's called Topshop, and it's very british- one of the designers is Kate Moss. If you are reading this, which I don't think many people are haha, google that as well! You will love it. I found a shirt that I loved in the sale section. What can get better than that?

We got back tonight, and I tried a waffle from Whiteleys. The debate has begun...Waffle house waffles on Queensway or Whiteley's waffles? There are so many waffle stands here! They are divine. Many of us at the centre are kind of obsessed with waffles.
Whiteleys waffles are the winners for the night.

I am full of waffles and ready for bed!

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  1. Jenny! I loved Topshop! I was bummed that I didn't get to spend more time there.