Tuesday, 9 February 2010

cold bones

Weather here is more unpredictable than crazy utah weather.
It's always a constant battle of taking off my jacket and then putting it back on.
Today I also had my first real experience with the bone-chilling kind of cold.
The sun was out, but it was just a trick. The wind was so so cold! The kind of cold that you don't realize until you are completely frozen. When we got back from our day trip, I showered for like a half an hour...my bones still felt cold! In fact, I'm still a little chilly in my cozy bed right now.

I didn't mind though. I loved today.

Our fourth day trip consisted of...
(crazy that it's already the fourth one)

Windsor Castle
& Stoke Poges

Runnymede is cool because the Magna Carta was signed there (first real democracy). It was no big deal to most Britains back then, but now it's world famous.

JFK Monument

Then we went to where the queen stays!! Windsor castle.
I'm pretty sure she only lives there during August though. However, other royalty lives there during the rest of the year. We learned all about the knights and chivalry-there are 24 knights at all times. No more, no less. Knights can also have their name erased. In the castle, we saw beautiful rooms used for entertainment, housing guests, and dining. There was also beautiful artwork and weapons. We also saw St. George's cathedral within Windsor castle. Henry the 8th is buried there.

I walked around the town just outside of Windsor with Sarah and Mary. We walked all the way down to Eton College (the Princes went to school there). We also ran into the Thames.

Our final destination, Stoke Poges, was completely picturesque. It was a tiny little church with an old school cemetery around it. Sir Thomas Grey wrote famous poetry at the church. The sun was also about to set, and it was so pretty. Our tour guide then took us around the rest of the grounds. I have fallen in love with all the little green hills here.

Then we came home. And I ate my favorite sandwhich, pb&j
OH man, I'm realizing how much time blogging takes! It takes forever, so I hope someone out there in blogging world appreciates my attempt at this.
I need to warm up some more and get some sleep before my shakespeare presentation tomorrow!


  1. I definitely appreciate it! So keep it up. Even though you make me painfully jealous every day pretty much haha. P.S. I loved Windsor Castle!

  2. Yes your blog is appreciated. It helps us to fill in the blanks that Macy leaves when she's a bit slow to update her blog. Thanks! Macy's Parents (Kristy & Brad)