Friday, 2 April 2010

sad news

my laptop is currently having problems.

it keeps making these funny beeping noises and then shutting off.

I'm just on the student computer at the centre, and I can't upload photos:(

I got back from our trip north this evening, and I went to the apple store to make an appointment. My appointment isn't until next wednesday, so I will have to delay blogging even furthur. I'm very sorry! With finals coming up and everything, I might just do a massive update right after they are done.
I will write in my journal faithfully every night so I won't forgot any details to blog about!

Even though I'm bummed about my laptop, tomorrow should be pretty fun. We're having a big easter breakfast tomorrow morning and then I'm going out to visit wimbleton. Then it is all homework and conference after that.

I think that is about all. I will try very hard to update soon!

ps. in two weeks, I will be completely done with finals and taking in the city with my parents. I can't believe how fast time comes and goes. I'm learning everyday just how precious time is.

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