Tuesday, 4 May 2010

all you need is LOVE

Saturday March 27th

We woke up super early to go to Abbey Road this morning. We took tons of pictures on the famous crosswalk where the Beatles took their album cover.

I also signed the famous wall!

on the way back, I went out to breakfast with christina and laura. We were really tired from waking up early, but we decided to pull out all of our energy and run to big ben. We had been wanting to do it for a long time, so we just put on our running shoes and went. It ended up being one of my favorite things I've done here! It was so much fun, and I got to go with two of my favorite people.
here's what we saw on our run....
kensington gardens
hyde park
hyde park corner
wellington monument

Buckingham Palace

St. James Park (we took videos of us running through daffodils. I can't get videos to post though ah!)

Princess Diana Memorial Walk
Trafalgar Square
National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery
Buildings of Parliament
Big Ben

The thames
and the London Eye.

That night, I went to a missionary fireside because they needed help with a musical number. My ward also was having a baptism, so I was able to see this cute old man get baptized. I came back and went with Kellen and Sarah to get treats for our ward. We also got some cereal for a midnight snack in the servery.

such a cute little family

I had such a busy day, and when it was almost over...
I remembered that I had a talk to write and a song to prepare for sacrament
ahhh! days in london are so crazy. we don't sleep here much:)

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